The Road to 100 Million Market Cap

To say that the future of $MRI is bright, would be an understatement. Those who attended the Twitter Spaces on Friday, February 25th, understand how well $MRI is positioned to change the lives of holders and fighters. If you missed the Twitter Spaces, no worries, click here to listen to the recording. To get a sense of our growth, take a moment to examine the insightful stats below.

Guest Speaker

Last Twitter Spaces, we were honored to host Chael Sonnen, a legendary retired MMA fighter and current MMA analyst. We were stunned by the support he showed the $MRI community and his outlook on how $MRI could revolutionize how we support professional athletes. He shared that he mentioned $MRI to Connor McGregor, demonstrating his support for our cause and community.

The Legend Himself

He made it clear that when a brand does good to the people they serve, the love is reciprocated by people rallying behind the brand. Chael stated, “We found the right guys and we treated them right,” demonstrating that reciprocity is responsible for $MRI rallying day after day.

Chael shared that “fighters struggle to land partnerships due to relying on the permission of organizations to allow the deal.” Worse, he explained that some companies will rely on fighters to market their brand/product, but avoid paying the fighters. Chael believes that $MRI is the solution to empowering fighters through partnerships, stating, “MRI doesn’t need anyone’s approval [to support fighters]” and that the $MRI team is aggressively following up with fighters reminding them to collect their $ETH or $MRI.

He couldn’t be more right. During the Twitter Spaces call, he jokingly mentioned, “this call cost me money because it’s up 40% since I joined the call.” Hopefully, Chael was able to get more $MRI after the call, as our market cap increased 30 M+ since yesterday. A true believer in $MRI, Chael compared selling now during a 2x to the guy who sold his Bitcoin for pizza back in 2010; that bag would be worth over 5 billion at all-time highs.

Some could say that maybe Chael is a bit of a moon boy, but people are taking notice of $MRI. Echoing this sentiment, we also had a well-known Bitcoin Maximalist join the Twitter Spaces. You might be thinking, “yeah, so?” Think about it, the mere fact that a Bitcoin Maximalist attended the spaces is incredibly promising. We can assume that if $MRI could attract die-hard Bitcoin supporters who believe that Bitcoin and Bitcoin alone is the future, who else may be considering joining our community of holders? It’s clear that even as we approach a 100M market cap, we’re still early.

We Are Who We Say We Are

One of the primary reasons many are bullish on $MRI is that we deliver on our promises. Ian Heinisch, a $MRI ambassador, was happy to share during the Twitter Spaces call that his STEM Cell treatment went well. With the help of the $MRI team, he feels certain that his career will pick up momentum after the treatment. Ian is one among 40+ fighters, who partnered with $MRI.

While the glamor of being on T.V may lead people to believe that all fighters are wealthy, that couldn’t be further from the truth. When asked what else could $MRI do for fighters, Chael responded by asking us to continue what we are doing. He shared, “We need help.” We don’t want to tell people we get paid three times a year . . . that we don’t have healthcare . . . that after a win, our buddies chip in on a Domino’s Pizza.” Although Chael has come a long way from chipping in on pizza, he knows that this is still the reality for many fighters. As such, he remains committed to the vision and mission of $MRI.

Why Hodl

This project’s future will exceed the lifespan of a meme coin. With an eye on supporting fighters, there are other areas in the fighting space that we plan to disrupt as well. We hope to onboard as many fighters as possible to crypto, offering them educational resources. It’s nice to pay for a fighter’s operation, training, or housing, but we know that fighters have a life outside of fighting. By offering fighters educational resources, we hope that they can choose to fight or pursue any endeavors at any given point. $MRI could very well be the key to many fighters building generational wealth and living their life on their terms.

As $MRI continues to grow, so will our ability to promote fighters. By promoting fighters, we could directly be a catalyst to increase the purse of matches. Chael stated himself, “the best fighters don’t get the big purse, but the fighters with the best story do.” Think of Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor’s career, they were brilliant fighters for sure. But they were arguably even better fight promoters, securing historic purses time and time again. As $MRI’s community grows, the potential to promote fighters will be instrumental in them securing bigger purses.

We want to thank the $MRI community for supporting the project! Keep spreading the word, keep holding, we’re just getting started.



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