The Next Leg Up: Twitter Spaces Recap

Marshall Inu
4 min readApr 21, 2022


What’s up Marshall Inu family! We hope you enjoyed the last Twitter Spaces! If you missed it, don’t worry! We” ll recap all the exciting news covered during the spaces here! We had a packed house of 600+ in the audience, with over 2.6k who listened to the recording.

We heard from MMA legends like Chael Sonnen and Ali Abdelaziz, Chiro and Bryce shared bullish updates, Rich the Kid showed the $MRI family love, and we gave away 10k. Yup, 10k was given away during the spaces.

All in a day’s work I guess.

But before we share updates, we want to thank our community for holding strong!

Even during what feels like a bear market, we continue to build, recently passing 10,000 holders. People are starting to take notice! Are you ready for the next leg up?

Next Leg Up

Chiro mentioned that some big names are starting to take note of $MRI. We are thrilled and humbled that legends like Pentoshi, PetaByte, and blackbeardXBT are bullish on $MRI.

OG’s noticing the team’s hustle motivates us to grind even harder. The attention we’re grabbing speaks volumes of our based community.

Speaking of grinding, our team is preparing for marketing campaigns across channels. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads. You name it!

We feel confident that our ad efforts coupled with more exchange listings (15+ at the moment) will accelerate the road to 1B market cap. We’re becoming harder to miss.

Ali Abdelaziz spoke to this during the spaces when he mentioned that some fighters continue to shout out $MRI despite their specific league prohibiting it.

He explained that there are rules that fighters must adhere to due to sponsorships with other organizations.

But despite these rules, fighters continue to spread awareness of $MRI, even at their peril. We are blown away at the support the community shows $MRI.

Our community’s dedication to $MRI, even in the face of adversity demonstrates where we’re heading.

Ali said it himself, “I’m very connected to the Middle East, I’m talking about guys who have billions. And people ask me, like royal princes and royal princesses, leaders, and people ask, ‘what is Marshall Inu’ . . . in this far region of the world, people started asking questions about Marshall Inu.”

Ali is about business, so you can take his word for it.

If this doesn’t make you bullish, I don’t know what will. Ali and his team are so grateful for Marshall Inu‘s support of fighters that his PFL fighters shouted out $MRI on ESPN.

He shared, “I don’t even have a deal, I don’t have nothing, I just did it for the love you know. I want to give back . . . $MRI has become an army, and I’m part of this army till the wheels fall off.”

As $MRI becomes a fixture in the fighting community, we are humbled by the love the MMA community continues to show.

Looking Forward

Chiro also mentioned that the team is adding a fiat pay option on the site to buy $MRI tokens. This option allows soon-to-be holders to purchase $MRI using a debit or credit card.

This strategic option will be implemented to capture more holders once we start our in-depth marketing efforts. Whether you are comfortable using Uniswap or not, you will be able to buy $MRI tokens with ease.

We’re also proud to announce that staking is now live! What better way to enjoy the road to 1 Billion market cap than to earn passive income in the process?

Staking to earn $MRI also absorbs more of the circulating supply, driving the scarcity and value of the token up.

What do you suppose would happen if 10% of holders staked their bag of $MRI? Especially considering that over 11% (a value of over 5M) of $MRI was burned forever!

There is literally only about 88% of $MRI remaining in circulation.

Stay Connected

We love our community and want to continue to build together. Our YouTube Podcast is the perfect way to do so while hearing from legendary fighters and fighting thought leaders.

We can’t thank you all enough for supporting us. But . . . we can give you an official Marshall Inu theme song by platinum rapper Rich The Kid.

We also have merch available now that you can purchase with $MRI! Now you can rep $MRI wherever, whenever.

This is just a small thank you from the $MRI team. If you support fighters, consider retweeting this on Twitter! Also, don’t be afraid to join the conversation on Telegram!



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