Innovators, not a Meme Coin

The growth of Marshall Rogan Inu ($MRI) is staggering, to say the least. Despite the bearish outlook of the market (down 2.14%), our growth continues at a bullish rate. At the time of writing, we are supported by 4,100+ holders, 7,800+ followers on Twitter, and are up 64% on the previous day. If our community can rally behind the project when the market is bearish, imagine what lies ahead during a bullish market.

Many people on Crypto Twitter contribute the current success of meme coins to the start of “meme season.” This could be true for some projects, but we think it’s important to clarify that $MRI is far more than a meme coin. In fact, we don’t like to think of $MRI as a meme coin at all. We are innovators, leveraging the power of crypto to create change in the fighting space. We are a brand dedicated to uplifting fighters who otherwise, would not receive adequate support from the very organizations they serve.

We’ve been able to onboard people who are new to crypto, solely buying the token to support fighters without interest in the tokens’ performance. For some holders of the coin, we have transcended crypto, becoming synonymous with a new era of empowerment for fighters all over the world. When meme season comes to a close, we will still be here, stronger than ever. That’s because the work we do is never done, as countless fighters need our support due to the pay structure of billion-dollar organizations.

We want to thank all of our holders for continuing to spread the word about @MRI and the good we’ve been able to do for fighters. It’s easy to hold when the market is up, not so easy to hold when we see red day after day. Remember, you are early to the project and our story is just unfolding. However, our strategic marketing plan will ensure that the world knows about $MRI. It includes partnering with a marketing agency responsible for international markets, advertisement billboards, Facebook and Youtube Ads, and influencer campaigns, among other marketing strategies.

As a project with a future beyond the meme coin space, we encourage you to think long-term. We are not a hype meme coin: our fundamentals are solid. We suspect $MRI to rally despite the general performance of meme coins or Bitcoin, as today proved. We have many awesome things to come, which will further solidify $MRI as innovators in this space.



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Marshall Inu

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