The Dog That Keeps Giving

Who was the last person you mentioned $MRI to? It seems that our favorite boy, Marshall, is constantly the talk of CT. Thanks to our amazing community, $MRI continues to grow at an astonishing rate. Look below to see the growth of $MRI across channels.

Speaking of growth, the burn wallet ballooned to a whopping 9.2%. That is a value of over $5.6M at the time of writing. 10% of the total supply is almost out of circulation forever. $MRI’s deflationary tokenomics often go unnoticed. As a project that’s here for the long-term, we are constantly thinking ahead.

Imagine the scarcity of tokens when 15% or 20% of the supply is gone forever! Remember, scarcity directly impacts the price of tokens held by holders. The fewer tokens in circulation, the more valuable the remaining tokens are.

$MRI is also live on MEXC Global as of April 1st. At the time of writing, MEXC Global’s 24-hour volume is 2.8 billion. The more $MRI becomes widely available across platforms, the more holders will be onboarded. The bigger the $MRI community becomes, the easier the road to 1billion market cap will be.

Based Team

Even when our team isn’t working, they’re working. At the beginning of the last Twitter Spaces, Bryce shared that B-Roots joined him on the “Jesse on Fire” Youtube channel. Jesse’s Youtube channel is dedicated to all things UFC.

The discussion of advancing the sport will do many fighters and aspiring fighters a tremendous amount of good. It also doesn’t hurt to have $MRI in front of 61.4k subscribers. You really couldn’t ask for a better form of marketing: an intimate conversation with a fighting thought-leader about how to advance the sport and $MRI’s role in this process.

There is nothing wrong with ads and billboards. They have their place, but unfortunately, they are here today and gone tomorrow. Our team is taking a more measured marketing approach in addition to high-level marketing. The mini-documentary is permanent content that will have an immeasurable impact across channels and in real life.

Not only will the mini-documentary change the lives of participants via sponsorships, but we get a glimpse into the grind of fighters. This process will bring awareness to these issues and to the solution: $MRI.

The Dog That Keeps Giving

We are a family, as such, we make sure our family is taken care of. To thank such a based community, we are sending 10 holders to UFC 273. 5 of the holders are members of the $MRI Whale community. You can expect to see lots of $MRI gear at and absolute chads repping $MRI hard.

Expanding the team a bit, we recently hired Brandon Lewis to help with marketing efforts. Who better to empower and support than a fellow fighter? Brandon will lead videography and story-telling efforts.

He knows better than anyone what needs to be said and how to say it. If you feel that you could be of value to the $MRI community, reach out to a moderator in Telegram detailing how you could help.

If you support fighters, consider retweeting this on Twitter! Also, don’t be afraid to join the fight on Telegram!



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