$MRI to $1

Marshall Inu
3 min readMar 5, 2022


Just a few days ago, many speculated that the listing on BitMart on March 7th would thrust the token past a 100 million market cap. There was unreal FOMO on Twitter, as people on the sidelines either coped with not buying in earlier or patiently waited for a dip. As patient as they were, the dip didn’t come. At least, not as they hoped: the dips were tiny and incremental as the chart continued a bullish trend. When the token broke resistance at 100 M market cap, we were in new territory. Even as someone sold 150 ETH of $MRI, the dip only lasted 8 minutes before breaking another all-time high. At the time of writing, $MRI is approaching a 190M market cap.

Accessibility of $MRI

Now as $MRI goes live on BitMart in less than two days, who knows what the new ATH will be? BitMart is home to over 5 million users with a trading volume of 1.2 billion, making $MRI widely accessible. Bryce and the team also announced in the last Twitter Spaces that $MRI will be listed on XT.com, which has over 30 million users in their ecosystem and a trading volume of 1.3 billion. Additionally, we are now live on CryptoCart, a site that allows holders to shop with companies like Amazon, Apple, Airbnb, and Netflix, among others, using the $MRI token. Centralized exchange listings coupled with $MRI partnering with CryptoCart adds massive exposure as well as more utility. Soon millions of eyes will see the sweetest dog ever, Marshall Rogan Inu.

Wen 1 Billion Market Cap

As $MRI continues to rip and our community grows, reaching a 1 Billion market cap is becoming more of a reality. Take a look at the graphic below to view our growth as a community.

We know that many are bullish on $MRI and hundreds of holders join our community daily, but we can’t forget about the deflationary aspect of the token. As of now, 6% of the total supply was burned, totaling a value of over 10 million dollars. Burned tokens are removed from the circulating supply forever. This means that the remaining 94% of tokens are scarcer and more valuable. The demand for the diminishing supply of $MRI will help catapult us to unprecedented heights.

We Are Bullish

Every day the $MRI team gives us more reasons to be bullish than the day before. It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching a 200 million market cap trading solely from Uniswap. Not to mention, 17 out of the 26 fighters for the UFC 272 Card are partnered with Marshall Rogan Inu, including 8/10 of the main card fighters such as Masvidal and Covington. Remember, our project is only three weeks old. Imagine what we can accomplish in 3 months, 6 months, a year? Please don’t be left on the sidelines, calculating how many x’s you missed.

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