$MRI Roadmap Update

Marshall Inu
3 min readMar 1, 2022


In less than three weeks, the $MRI team and community accomplished some pretty impressive milestones. With your support, we sponsored fighting gyms and MMA events, partnered with Mystic Bets, allowing holders to wager on fights using $MRI, partnered with fighters by offering life-changing financial assistance, all while making our holders a little more wealthy. Thanks to your support, we are changing the landscape of sports by empowering fighters and building a community around them.

Exchange Listing

Our latest roadmap achievement may prove to be the most fruitful yet, for holders. We are pleased to announce that on March 7th, $MRI will be listed on BitMart’s exchange. Although we rocketed from a 350k market cap to as high as a 70M+ market cap in a couple of weeks, we are just getting started. BitMart’s exchange is a digital home for over 5.5 million crypto investors. What could the future of $MRI look like as the token becomes more accessible to millions via BitMart?

What Does This Mean For Holders?

For many, the implications of $MRI being listed on BitMart are rhetorical. However, we are committed to onboarding new members to the crypto space, and as such, want to provide some clarity surrounding our latest success. When tokens become more accessible, more people are likely to buy the token. Uniswap and Pancakeswap are viewed as barriers to some, who may struggle with terms like slippage, importing tokens, or sending $ETH or $BNB between wallets. Consequently, many wait until the token is listed on a centralized exchange that requires less jumping through hoops to purchase.

As an early investor, you will likely be rewarded when the token launches on BitMart. This listing will certainly increase the number of holders, currently 5,100+ at the time of writing. As holders increase, the tokens become more scarce, driving the token’s value up as well. If as little as 0.1% (5.5k) of BitMart’s users purchase $MRI, that would increase our holders by more than 100%.

Deflationary Tokenomics

As holders, we should also be mindful that $MRI is a deflationary token. The #1 $MRI holder is the dead-wallet, which is used to burn tokens. Currently, over 5% of the total supply of $MRI is gone forever ; that’s a value of over 3.2 Million dollars. Ongoing burning of tokens coupled with centralized exchange listings, such as BitMart and future listings, makes for scarcity and wealthy holders. The icing on the cake is that our large-scale marketing plan hasn’t even started. This plan includes sponsoring MMA competitions, billboards in major cities, advertisements on public transportation, partnering with leaders in the crypto space as well as an international push by collaborating with marketing agencies.

Congratulations, you are very early. The future of $MRI looks very bullish but we couldn’t have made it here without you. If you are a supporter of $MRI, please consider retweeting this article. Remember, we are only as strong as our community.

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