MFC: Marshall Fighting Championship Newsletter #1

Marshall Inu
4 min readOct 27, 2022

Marshalls; The hour is almost upon us! This Saturday the MFC begins it’s worldwide journey in Brezno, Slovakia, with a stacked card featuring both MMA and Lethwei bouts, with the main event of the evening featuring a World Lethwei Federation title fight!

#MFC1 Poster

Over the past days our MFC President and Chief Operating Officer; Dave Leduc and Chris Garrido, have arrived in Slovakia and and are busy laying the finishing touches to their extensive preparations on the ground.

President Leduc and COO Garrido

This event would not be possible without our MFC sponsors; GenBlok, Heal The World, Dogger Token, Luna Inu, Dosa Coin, Marshelle Inu, World Cup Inu and Play Numbers Game. We thank each and every one and believe that this will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between our projects!

MFC Sponsors

Several weeks ago we invited our community to compete to design the main event belt and we commissioned the winning design. This has now been completed and it’s truly a fantastic belt. It will be presented to the winner of the 71kg World Lethwei Federation clash between Lariviere and Kosik.

MFC x WLF World Title Strap

This weekends main event will be streamed live worldwide on Marshall Inu’s YouTube. Tom Wesselink will be our ring announcer. Tom is a stalwart of Enfusion Live - a Dutch kickboxing promotion. Tom is very excited to make his debut as our very own announcer at MFC1!

Introducing our official commentator for the Marshall Fighting Championship — Andy Whitelaw! Andy is a Content manager for FIFA in Asia and commentator for World Lethwei, Full Metal Dojo and host for One FC, and Sportskeeda. MFC’s very own Chris Garrido will share commentary duties with Andy!

Andy Whitelaw

The Face-offs will take place on Sat 28th with the historic Bojnice Castle providing a fairy-tale backdrop to these well prepared warriors as they come nose to nose for the very first time! And on the night of the 29th the live action gets underway in the industrially themed Double Red Cars Museum Arena.

MFC President with Double Red Museum Owner Lukas Kolenicka

In the opening bout of the main event we have Adam Geiszt, Hungary vs Daniel Nedreu, Hungary in an 80KG fight under MMA Rules in what promises to be a close fought affair. Up next is a 71KG MMA fight between Samuel Lehockey and Hubert Wikar, followed by a 68KG MMA bout between Igor Lukačovič and Waldemar Karkocha. Then it’s a 71KG Lethwei fight between Ivan Hatala and Krystian Niewinczany.

#MFC1 Main Card

Co-Main is the MMA clash between Cole Ferell of the USA (and $MRI!) against Slovakian Dragan Pešić. Check out this intense call out from Pesic and response from Ferell here!

This is followed by the main event of the evening! — Michel Kosik of Slovakia fighting Dan Lariviere of Canada under full Lethwei rules for the World Lethwei Federation world title! The winner will have belt presented by WLF President Andi Egeberg.

WLF and MFC Presidents

Following MFC1 — Marshall Fighting Championship will visit South America with shows planned Medellin, Columbia for #MFC2. Following these events the MFC will visit the USA. Stay tuned for updates as they happen.

Please join our #MFC Spaces live from Slovakia on 28th Oct at 5pm GMT!

Marshall Inu & Marshall Fighting Championship — Fighting for Fighters!

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