Marshall isn’t Afraid of Rebranding

Marshall Inu
4 min readMar 23, 2022

We are so excited to announce the rebrand of Marshall Inu. As our brand expands, so does our mission! Formerly we were Marshall Rogan Inu. As our business team researched the market, the cause, and the mission, we made a decision to drop the Rogan portion. Why? There are a couple of key factors.

1. Less is More

The shorter a brand, the easier it is to recognize and say. “Ford,” “Apple,’’ ‘’Disney.” These are simple, yet memorable brands. We are bigger than a meme coin, which is why we are positioning our brand as such.

Marshall is the innovation MMA needs to bring eyes, bring support, and show the world what a passionate community can accomplish. We will make MMA great again!

2. Joe Rogan confusion

While we think Rogan is a based lad, we quickly received feedback from our research and consumer logistics division that some people thought that $MRI was associated with Joe Rogan.

We are not! Joe is a cool guy, and we would consider going on his podcast at some point if he wants to have us, but we are independent and have no association with Joe.

Being tied to one person or brand could be a liability. As we become more noticeable, we rather control our brand image without outside influences. The fewer compounding factors, the more we can maintain our mission and keep Fighting for Fighters!

3. Red and Black, all Red and Black Everything

Even though Marshall was handsome against an orange and black background, we wanted to respect our community and our fighters! We always say — we are community-centric. What does this mean? Our community is what drives the project and its success.

We do this for the holders, the fans, and the fighters! Many told us that red and black are MMA colors so we adapted. Red boxing gloves, red punching bags, red and black everything.

4. Socials Updated

With the rebrand, we updated our website. Marshall got a fresh look, so we revamped and revised our information, info, and content to keep it on-brand. We also updated logos, banners, the look of our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Medium, and Tik-Tok. Marshall loves flexing his cuteness and his exclusive brand on social media.

We understand some were upset about the brand revision, but since we have received NOTHING BUT LOVE! Thank you for loving our new handsome Marshall in his new look.

There are many opinions on our rebrand, but we must decide what is in the best interest of our brand, our mission, our holders, and the fighters we partner with.

We do take extensive and adequate steps to ensure changes like these are not only thought out but professionally managed and researched. We have professional social media consulting agencies, PR firms, and independent market researchers that approved every rebranding decision with their stamp of approval.

We know that reaching a billion market cap takes deliberate planning and strategy, which is why we hired professionals and work with consultants from various industries and specialties.

We firmly believe in a “stay in your lane” approach. We’re initiating the greatest movement in crypto crossed with MMA in history, so we let our partners and consultants guide us for aspects that are within their specialty.

Go, Marshall!

You will see many more expansions, partnerships, and successes to come from Marshall Inu. In one month we woke up the world, now it is time to change it. We already have our logo on the mats and corner pads of 2 MMA organizations.

It is our goal within a year to see 100 Marshalls on mats across the world. And this is just a start. We are getting ready to invade South America as well, in the heart of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu territory where we have a goal of building 4 gyms this year.

Thank you for your love, feedback, commitment, and support — whether you are a holder or not. It is with you and for you that we will change MMA for the better. Not only are we in this for the long haul, but we are in it for an eternal purpose.

We believe in people more than we believe in anything else, and empowering people to train, fight, support careers whilst also empowering our people to partake, brainstorm, and invest in our movement is at the center of Marshall Inu’s heart.

Within a year, Marshall will be a global brand infiltrating every major facet of MMA. Keep in mind, MMA involves MANY components — not just cage fights. Why leave the other great sports out? We aren’t, one at a time fam, one at a time.

Marshall is fulfilling his dreams, but his dreams are in infancy. We have a massive vision, and a crystal clear plan to accomplish all we have set out for. 2022 is the year of Marshall Inu.

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