Marshall Inu Utility Update!

Marshall Inu
3 min readDec 4, 2022

It’s an exciting time here at Marshall Inu, where despite market conditions our multifaceted team continues to strive for greater and greater things! Along the way we have been receiving valuable feedback from you; our Marshall Army and today we will share some of the changes that have been decided upon after review by our executive team!

1: Staking update

We will remove the penalty for breaking a staking commitment and will look to incentivize stakers in a more positive way. One such incentive may be time based staking rewards. The new staking model will incorporate our NFT collection and NFT revenue share from MRI products will be based on staking. More specific details will be revealed as this is put into effect!

2: Revenue Share numbers

Holders of MRI “Fight Club” NFT’s are aware of the revenue share utility built into this collection. The revenue from the Marshall Fighting Championship, our OTC counter and our future sportsbook will be shared among holders. There will be 25% of all revenue shared to NFT holders! A further 25% will be staked as $MRI and the remaining 50% will bolster Marshall Inu’s treasury!

3: OTC Desk

We had scheduled this to launch some weeks ago; however with the implosion of FTX a decision was taken to allow turbulent waters to settle before doing so. We will have a major update on this launch in two weeks from now. Presently our team is working to optimize this product to be even better than the competition.

4: Marshall Inu Native Sportsbook

Many projects have launched sportsbooks in recent times and, in the current market climate, it’s important to have a competitive edge. To this end we are actively investing in market research to maximize our competitive edge before proceeding with a launch. Thanks to our sponsorship deal with Givewell Inu we will use their sportsbook product for #MFC2.

5: Brand Update

We will merge Marshall Inu and Marshall Fighting Championship’s brands. This will be a gradual process and help our growth. It will involve auditing the identity of both and finding distinct sticking points that create the basis for superior customer value and competitive differentiation. In a nutshell; Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Onward we march on our road to billions, a million Marshall Army coming to change the face of combat sport and crypto forever!