Marshall Inu LP Staking Guide

Marshall Inu
2 min readMay 21, 2022


We are happy to announce that MRI Liquidity staking has begun!

To stake your LP tokens please follow this basic guide:

1. Add liquidity to receive MRI/ETH LP Tokens

Visit and select the “get liquidity pool tokens” button in order to obtain MRI-ETH LP tokens.

Select the amount of MRI you wish to stake and it will auto-balance with an equivalent amount in ETH.

Once you click upon “approve MRI” and approve the transaction in your wallet you will receive your MRI-LP tokens to your wallet.

2. Stake your MRI LP Tokens

After adding liquidity and once you have received your MRI-LP tokens, you are able to stake your LP tokens. Navigate to the Current pool MRI/ETH tab on, make sure to connect your wallet via Metamask, then select the amount of tokens you’d like to stake and click stake. The staking contract address is 0xFB076D4a65838786856AFdD3fC2b107DE043b50a.

Confirm the transactions on your metamask account and that’s it… you’ve successfully staked your LP tokens!

When you want to claim your MRI rewards, just return to the MRI staking app and claim or claim/unstake your tokens!

3. Commit to staking for higher % reward

Users of can also commit to stake for a set amount of time for a higher yield with minimum commitment being 14 days and the maximum commitment being 730 days.

If you do not stake for the full commitment period; a penalty equal to 50% of your commitment bonus will be deducted from your capital.

Breaking Commitments:
When breaking a commitment -the penalty is applied to the committed tokens not APR or rewards. I.e the principal committed. Non-committed tokens are not affected.

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