Marshall Inu launches the Marshall Fighting Championship!

Marshall Inu
4 min readSep 19, 2022

Marshall Inu are delighted to unveil the world’s first decentralized fighting championship: The MFC! The first ever fully crypto based transnational combat promotion where fighters will be paid in our native token $MRI.

Dave Leduc — MFC President

Dave “The King of Lethwei” Leduc is the first president of Marshall Fighting Championship — #MFC and is undertaking the organization of the inaugural event: #MFC1 which will take place in Slovakia on the 29th of October.

Bojnice Castle — #MFC1 Face-off Venue

The MFC plans to be multidisciplinary and will have MMA, Kick Boxing, Lethwei, Boxing, Muay Thai and more. Marshall Inu has long committed to supporting combat athletes at a grassroots level; and the MFC will continue adherence to this ethos under Dave Leduc’s guidance.

The full card for #MFC1 will be unveiled shortly. We can announce that Atlanta, GA, Featherweight, Cole Ferrell, with a record of 10–1–0 will be on the card and we are delighted to host a fully sanctioned Lethwei World Title fight at 156lbs between Canadian Dan Lariviere and Slovakian Michal Kosic!

#MFC President, Leduc, had this to say to Whitelaw Sport

“Kosik from Slovakia and Lariviere from Canada are the most active and dominant Lethwei fighters at their weight right now.

When I planned the launch of MFC I wanted to be able to hold a world title fight as soon as possible.

After discussion with the World Lethwei Federation and President Andi Egeberg, they approved the fight between Kosik and Lariviere and we are very happy and honored to hold the first Lethwei World Title fight under the WLF supervision.

Kosik is a quick and relentless fighter and Lariviere is a crafty and aggressive athlete. Both men will give the fans watching the event around the world a memorable show. I expect this fight to be the Fight of the night.”

To commemorate such an eventful night and main event it was only fitting that we have a belt commissioned for the night! Naturally there was nowhere better to turn for such a task than our loyal community, so we issued a $1000 bounty, paid in Eth and this was the winner,from @andrei_cgi beating off hundreds of entries:

Winner of #MFC Belt Design Competition

$MRI is putting together a system for #MFC that lets our #MRIFC #NFT holders score fights live like they were judges, these will be public & anyone can view which #NFTs scored the fights. This will be a world first decentralized scoring system! To that end; $MRI stalwart Ian Heinisch has released a scoring tutorial:

Scoring Tutorial for MFC

Every #MFC event you will be able to log in using your #MRIFC #NFT and score round by round. There will be prizes for users who manage to score the fight the same as the #MFC official ringside judges! We have often been outraged by judges decisions in the past so wanted to open it to the public!

Further details of #MFC1 will be available very shortly when our promotional materials are unveiled along with information about #MFC2 and #MFC3 which will take place in Medellin, Columbia and Buenes Aires, Argentina respectively.

Marshall Inu Fight Club NFT

Speaking recently on their regular Twitter Spaces; MFC President Dave Leduc also hinted that verified Marshall Inu Fight Club NFT holders will be granted free admission to the MFC events among other benefits. Sounds like a fantastic time to grab one of these 4444 dog themed beauties on Opensea!