Marshall Fighting Championship Newsletter #2

Marshall Inu
3 min readNov 23, 2022

It’s been a busy few weeks at MFC HQ! Regardless of transient market conditions we keep building our vision into reality, piece by piece! Marshall Fighting Championship President Dave and COO Chris traveled to Dubai very recently to meet with a wealthy, connected, Lethwei loving businessman about future of MFC — this man watched MFC Slovakia and loved the concept! Following this meeting the MFC has officially based it’s HQ in Dubai

The meeting that almost didn’t happen

Dave and Chris also met with Nic St-Maurice of Dubai Athletic Performance who Dave has worked with in the past and they agreed to have MFC athletes train in his facility to help them be the best version possible upon future MFC fight nights!

In an intriguing development, Tun Min Tun, MFC President Leduc’s longtime Lethwei rival issued a challenge to Dave to fight for a fourth time! The proposed bout would be twelve rounds, bare-knuckle under Lethwei rules with winning possible through KO or opponent being unable to continue only.

Dave Leduc Vs Tun Min Tun

The pair famously clashed three times previously with the first bout ruled a draw in 2016, Leduc winning the Golden Belt in the rematch later the same year and retaining it following their 2018 trilogy fight. At the time of writing Leduc has accepted the challenge and told Tun Min Tun to prepare his passport to come fight in Dubai!

Speaking with this writer, Leduc also revealed that a plan is in place to meet with His Highness Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahayanin in the UAE and to seek his blessing. His Highness is a strong supporter of martial arts having anonymously attended the acclaimed Gracie academy in 1995 under tutelage of Nelson Monteiro.

Abu Dhabi

He is also a patron of UAE Warriors; Marshall Inu stalwarts will no doubt recall that MRI sponsored a championship fight at UAE Warriors in March, and our sponsored fighter Corinne Laframboise became champ and gave us a huge shoutout as did Jesse “Big Cat” Arnett! Marshall Inu has strong ties to the UAE that we hope to make even stronger!

MRI UAE Warriors Shoutouts

A future Lethwei event could be a great way for this to happen. Bringing the ancient warriors sport to the UAE; visualize a main event with Dave Leduc Vs Tun Min Tun and Michel Kosik Vs Dan Larivière watched live around the world by an audience of millions and in front of a raucous full house in Abu Dhabi. Such a vision might not be very much removed from reality; watch this space Marshalls!

Jesse “Big Cat” Arnett

In further news our CEO/COO Chris is traveling to Colombia very soon on a reconnaissance mission to examine our shortlisted venues for MFC Medellin. He will book the most suitable one as well as organizing some logistical matters related to our upcoming events in that region. We wish him a safe trip and look forward to updating our community as plans develop!

Medellin by night

Our native OTC counter launch was scheduled to take place earlier this month but given market conditions a decision has been taken to defer this launch as the release of such a bullish catalyst needs to be handled strategically. Please keep an eye on our Medium, Twitter, Instagram and our Announcements channels to stay abreast of all updates.