Dave Leduc and guests discuss October 29th’s #MFC1!

On last evening’s Marshall Fighting Championship Twitter Spaces, MFC President Dave Leduc was joined by a variety of guests to discuss the inaugural MFC event in Slovakia, set to take place on October 29th.

World Lethwei Federation logo

Speaking with co-host Chris G, Leduc confirmed that the main event will be sanctioned by the World Lethwei Federation with the belt designed by the MRI community presently under commission for #MFC1. Furthermore, he shared that the World Lethwei Federation President Andi Egeberg will be in attendance ringside!

Leduc went on to talk about how highly anticipated this bout already is in Slovakia due to having native Slovakian Michal Kosik fighting against Canadian Dan Lariviere in the main event. Kosik, who has many Lethwei bouts under his belt and a strong support base, is undefeated in the sport

His opponent, Dan Lariviere, then joined Leduc and Chris G on stream for a few minutes to discuss how he was introduced to Lethwei and the upcoming challenge in Slovakia. Lariviere revealed he was late turning to combat sports at the age of 30, coming from a football, extreme sports, and dirt biking background.

He was training on Canada Day in Tristar Gym, Montreal, five years ago when he chanced upon MFC president Dave Leduc; while training together, he learned the Lethwei rules set and found it was a good fit with his own aggressive street-fighter/MMA style. One thing, as they say, led to another, and he took part in a Lethwei bout and became a lover of the sport.

When asked about his upcoming Title shot Lariviere had this to say:

Dan Lariviere sparring

Lariviere also spoke about $MRI, crypto, and the revolutionary launch of MFC. He mentioned he was a non-crypto guy, but when he heard about this new promotion he spent hours each evening for weeks studying crypto, and thinks the methods we use and the people we have onboard are fantastic; he’s excited to be a part of our movement.

Dave Leduc also revealed during this interview that each fighter on MFC cards will be setup with a QR code-based crypto “tip/appreciation” box, where supporters/fans can pass a gratuity to the fighters to show their support in any crypto of their choosing; yet another innovation from the #MFC team!

Next up was Jeff from Luna INU — the LUNA killer — $LINU. Jeff joined Leduc and Chris G to unveil $LINU as the first official sponsors of the #MFC! Big thanks to the $LINU team for taking this step; together $MRI, #MFC and $LINU share the vision of decentralization.

The $LINU logo will be in the Octagon on October the 29th, Luna INU team will also donate some NFT’s to our project and our $MRI and $LINU communities will meme each other to success. The communities of #MFC sponsors will also be able to participate in our revolutionary decentralized scoring system, giving them a real feeling of community with our $MRI chads.

Fight Scoring Tutorial

$MRI stalwart and UFC Middleweight Ian Heinisch, then joined Dave and Chris on the space and the possibility of Joe Rogan coming to see Leduc in a future Lethwei bout arose. Leduc said:

He revealed that Rogan may be interested in attending a Golden belt fight if such an event takes place in the USA!

Michal Kosik Lethwei

Ian, Chris and Dave spoke about the innovation of #MFC and revealed that MFC fighters will be invited to arm wrestle their opponent for a cash prize following the face-offs at Bojnice castle in October! They also revealed that there will be two more spaces held between now and fight night; next will be just before they depart for Slovakia and will feature main event fighter Michal Kosik and a second fight week special spaces just before #MFC1!




Marshall Inu #Fightsforfighters

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