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Marshall Inu
3 min readMar 18, 2022


So much has changed over the past week: we pivoted from the original Joe “Rogan” branding, overcame a targeted FUD attack, and gracefully matured as a project. Hats off to hodlers who showed the power of their diamond hands, and the community that rallied behind us during a vulnerable period.

Minor Setback, Major Comeback

We hope that hodlers are as excited about rebranding as we are. With a mission to help all fighters, we were destined to outgrow being known as Joe Rogan’s dog. During our last Twitter Spaces, we gave the community a small glimpse into the vision of Marshall Inu. Nothing changed, the vision just became bigger.

It’s no secret that we are dedicated to helping fighters, but we believe that our help should extend beyond their career. As a result, we are developing the Marshall Inu Training Camp. Our training camp will be instrumental in fighters learning more about crypto and building wealth.

We also advocate for fighters to hodl $MRI in addition to the $ETH they’re gifted. Many sponsored fighters began their investing journey with $MRI, the very token that aided them on their fighting journey. We want fighters to have skin in the game, allowing them to experience their first 10x or 20x.

Boots on the Ground

With over 2M donated to fighters to date, you may be wondering what else can we do for fighters? The answer is simple: more. We have expanded our support of fighters to arenas like MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and will soon support boxers as well. We are also in the process of professionally filming a mini-documentary series spotlighting fighters’ stories in Brazil.

Through this documentary, we will alleviate financial burdens many fighters experience such as gym fees and trainer fees. We are also partnering with coaches in Brazil who should be training full-time but are limited due to a lack of funds. The documentary will not only tell their stories and promote them, but it will also shed light on issues that plague fighters all around the world. By spreading awareness we hope to build a larger, international community willing to #fightforfighters.

You spoke. We listened.

You wanted more utility, and it took the team no time to deliver. We added coin-tiered meetups, events, fight camps, as well as kids fight camps. Our team is so inclusive that they also asked the $MRI community for their opinion on what type of utility we should add. The top 5 responses won .2 $ETH.

The team is also in the process of developing a discord server to offer $MRI hodlers exclusive content. We are considering hosting fight-companion events where hodlers and fighters can hang out live in Discord. More than a fight commentary, you could ask questions, gain insight into their strategy, or just hang out with world-class fighters. Access to this channel would be exclusive to hodlers.

Reflecting on how this team and community hustles, it’s hard not to be bullish on $MRI. We gained two legends as ambassadors in Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington. We’ve grown to over 20k followers on Twitter and over 9k followers on IG. We just announced BKEX as our 5th exchange listing in a month. At the time of writing, BKEX’s 24-hour trading volume is 1.5B. We are working with a PR team, marketing team, and research team to expand the brand’s impact and reach.

We’re becoming harder and harder to miss. Most importantly, the good we do is transforming the lives of fighters. To spread awareness of how we #fightforfighters, please consider sharing this post.

Website: MarshallInu.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/marshallinu_

Link Tree: https://linktr.ee/marshallinu



Marshall Inu

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